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Reduce the cost of your energy bill

Reduce the cost of your energy bill

Winter is here and so are frosty mornings and chilly nights! Keeping your home warm can be a tricky task and with energy prices at an all-time peak, keeping your energy consumption to an absolute minimum is a priority for many.

Help to keep your energy bills as low as possible with these simple tips!

Upgrade your windows
Those old windows might do the job in the summer, but in the winter time, they will be costing you more money than you might expect! To help ensure that cold air stays out and warm air stays in, new windows are the ideal route to take. Unsure about what type of windows to go for? Give our window visualiser tool a go!

Invest in a draught excluder – or two!
Those tiny draughts leaking in from your front porch or under the door have a huge effect on the overall temperature of your home. Invest in a draught excluder to help keep that pesky cold air from sneaking in and stealing your warmth!

Replace your front door
Just like windows, your front door offers a great opportunity to save money on wasted energy. Our replacement doors are built with the very highest quality materials and offer a standard of insulation that is guaranteed to improve draughts within your home.

Are you looking to cut your energy bills by improving your home with new double glazing or composite door front door? Are you thinking of staying put and improving your home with a new conservatory or orangery? We are your number one choice for home improvements in Dorset. We are leading suppliers and installers of home improvements in Dorset and Hampshire. Get in touch with your enquiries today on 01202 536422.