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One in four over-65’s investing in double glazing for retirement

One in four over-65’s investing in double glazing for retirement

It has been discovered that, on average, over-65’s invest £10,400 on home improvements, whilst one in eight plan to spend as much as £20,000 in order to make their home suitable for retirement.

This is spent on an array of additions and alterations to their home, such as the installation of a downstairs bathroom, chair lifts, hand rails and a garden tidy up so that it’s easier to manage. One of the most popular upgrades is to heating systems, with one in four upgrading their central heating and the same number adopting double glazing and triple glazing.

As we get older, ensuring that we keep warm becomes more essential in preserving our health. Older people can be more susceptible to hypothermia as well as more vulnerable to serious colds and flu. This makes the installation of double glazing important to consider for those going into retirement, as not only does it help trap heat inside your home, it will help reduce your overall heating bills as a result.

Windows lose more heat in winter and gain more heat in summer than any other part of your home, so you could be losing heat unnecessarily during colder months if you only have single pane glass. We are specialist suppliers and installers of double glazing in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset, with over 50 years’ experience in home improvements. All our double glazing is A-rated for energy-efficiency, which is the highest energy rating possible except for the A+ rating achievable with our triple glazing.

Whilst keeping you warm and healthy during the winter, the installation of our double glazing can save you a significant amount each year in heating costs, making them a very worthwhile investment for a retirement property.

Are you looking to cut your energy bills by improving your home with new double glazing or composite door front door? Are you thinking of staying put and improving your home with a new conservatory or orangery? We are your number one choice for home improvements in Dorset. We are leading suppliers and installers of home improvements in Dorset and Hampshire. Get in touch with your enquiries today on 01202 536422.