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How to make your conservatory warmer

How to make your conservatory warmer

We understand that a conservatory is a big investment for your home, so you want it to be comfortable to use all year-round, even during the chilliest winter evenings. No conservatories have an infinite lifespan, so if you’ve started to notice unpleasant draught or leaks then it’s probably time to bite the bullet and invest in either a replacement roof or even a new conservatory altogether.

We are Dorset’s leading supplier of heat-efficient bespoke conservatories and replacement roofs in a range of styles, so if you think it’s time for a change, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01202 536422.

Invest in double glazing

If your conservatory is a less than recent installation, it’s possible that the reason your conservatory is so cold is due to a lack of double glazing. 35% of the heat that leaves our home is through windowpanes and doors, and considering that a conservatory mostly consists of glass, you’ll want your glass panes to be as heat-efficient as possible to maximise heat retention and therefore comfort. We can source double and triple glazing to suit your requirements, giving you conservatory a welcome lease of life.

Get rid of draughts and leaks

A conservatory is an utter waste if you can never use it due to leaks during rain or chilling draughts, so it’s worth ensuring that you identify and block off any of these inconveniences. Blinds and drapes are also an effective way of retaining heat, as you can open them to let sunlight in to heat your conservatory and close them to help trap heat already inside. We can offer a replacement conservatory roof service and offer an improved roofing system, the LivinRoof, which offers 15 times more thermal efficiency than older glass roofs, keeping your conservatory cosy all year round!

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