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Get value for money from your own conservatory

Get value for money from your own conservatory

A common problem for homeowners that own a conservatory is that during its initial installation it was not built with high-quality insulation benefits, which is a must in modern conservatories to prevent extreme temperatures during the summer and winter.

Swain and Rands offer a quick and cost-effective solution for our customers who are experiencing this problem, by replacing your conservatory roof you can save on your energy bills.

Many conservatories go unused during summer and winter seasons due to the environment being uncomfortable to relax in with family and friends, create your perfect home for the New Year with Swain and Rands.

Energy efficient
With a U-Value, replacement conservatory roofs have options or either glass or polycarbonate material and will prolong your conservatory’s lifespan. One of the main issues for many conservatories that need replacing is it no longer has the same insulation benefits, this means you are losing valuable heat and money during colder seasons. Replacement roofs reduce temperature fluctuation by maintaining warmth during the winter and keep the temperature down during summertime due to its U-Value rating. Save hundreds of pounds a year with a conservatory replacement roof.

Adds value to your home
Estate agents state that a guaranteed approach of adding value to your home is to invest. A property in good condition will always be desirable to homeowners, take care of your home and conservatory with a glass or polycarbonate replacement roof. If your house is on the market and potential buyers notice a conservatory that needs work they might be worried about whether there are other things that need fixing too, solve this issue with a replacement roof that’s cheaper than a conservatory replacement – and is quicker!

A wide variety of options
With a wide range of conservatory replacement roofing options of materials, styles and colours you can create an ideal conservatory that fits your lifestyle as well as perfectly matching your budget and home’s style. The benefits of a modern conservatory roof are that you get the traditional appearance of the older versions but with modern benefits of energy efficient, self-cleaning roof options, and versatility in styles.

Swain and Rands offers a large selection of replacement conservatory roofs for all bespoke, edwardian, gable-front, lean-to, modern, aluminium and victorian conservatories across Dorset, view our portfolio of previous projects we’ve completed.

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